Bayou George, FL

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Wed Apr 24 09:31:05 EDT 2002

We had arrived at our friend's place a few miles up the road, to tend a
sick old gelding.

Waiting for the meds to work, we sat on the porch and watched him in the

I saw a sulfur and asked Vicki if it was 11 a.m.

She checked her watch and it was 5 minutes past.

In this northwest backwater of Florida, the butterflies (mainly sulfurs)
make their appearance at 11 a.m.  I have seen them flying over our dirt
street from the north in a loose column so many times I can usually tell
the time.

Also in her yard in the Carolina mallow were checkered skippers.

Pokeweed is being devoured now, and I believe the caterpillars are long
tailed skippers.

May Lenzer
"Waltz on the Wild Side:  An Animal Lover's Journal"


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