Butterfly storage

Anne Kilmer viceroy at GATE.NET
Sun Apr 28 04:31:09 EDT 2002

Rudyvic wrote:

> Help!  
> 1.  Under what temperature are live butterflies normally stored inside
> butterfly glassine envelopes in the refrigerator?
> 2.  How long will they stay alive in the refrigerator?
>     We are considering re-stocking butterflies in islands where they
> have disappeared.
> Thanks.
> Rudy
> rckint at hotmail.com

Has anybody given Rudy a hand with this project?
It seems worthy, but I don't know that importing papered adult 
butterflies is the best way to start colonies. Maybe people who are 
expert in the field could give us all some advice about this.
Anne Kilmer
Mayo, Ireland


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