Miami Blue Crew listserv

Anne Kilmer viceroy at GATE.NET
Sun Apr 28 14:29:06 EDT 2002

Dear Miami Blue Crew and friends,
In order to limit the amount of email you receive on this subject, and 
to keep you up to date, Bob and I are creating a listserv. Please let us 
know if you want to be on it.
Once on it, you can set your preferences to Digest or no mail,  if you 
don't want to know all about bumper stickers and the heat death of the 
universe at the moment, but would like to check back later. This tiny 
butterfly needs our help, if it is to survive.
You may also invite friends to join. Just send their email addresses (or 
have them do so) to Bob Parcelles, <Parcbob at>.

Postings will be archived, so please cut as much as possible from 
postings you're replying to. It's tedious to plow through acres of stuff 
you've already read twice.
We will be discussing ways to publicize the butterfly's plight, how to 
garden to attract Miami Blues and other rare butterflies, where to get 
and send seeds for the Miami Blue's host plants, and similar topics.
We will not be discussing people we don't like, tactics we disapprove 
of, and similar negative guff. That sort of discussion belongs off list.
There will be no personal attacks, please. We are all gentlemen and ladies.
It is our hope to create neighborhood habitats for the Miami Blues, make 
signage, all work together harmoniously to make a safe haven for this 
butterfly and all the other butterflies.
Anne Kilmer
Task Force Director
Miami Blue Butterfly Restoration Project


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