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Sun Apr 28 22:43:11 EDT 2002

Mike Gochfeld wrote:

>> Also we wrote: "...white bands of varying intensity can show up at
>> various points in the Purple [astyanax] range (south to western
>> Virginia, Clark & Clark 1951), even among offspring of Purples that
>> never encountered a White Admiral."

>> Is any of that true?

I collected a number of specimens from Giles, Montgomery 
and Highlands counties in Virginia. All were males and collected in June and 
July. The band was only in the forewing 
and not well defined. However, it was present. 

I also took several specimens with a vague white band in the fore wing in 
bait traps in central Mississippi and I even trapped a female with a vague 
band in the forewing in Kentucky last year.

None of the specimens that I have collected and the broad white band like 
arthemis. Only a vague but very present white band in the forewing.


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