Western Monarchs are doing better this summer

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> And this is why none of this is "simple".  I would
> have a hard time
> imagining that anyone would doubt that man is both
> the best friend and at
> the same time enemy of things natural.  But is that
> really true?   Only if
> we consider humans aliens.  As is pointed out from
> others from time to
> time, we humans are a natural part (and significant
> part) of this planet's
> natural systems.   I have never heard anyone (but
> Paul) point out to us
> that it is human activity that is the major positive
> force behind the newly
> evolving dynamics of Monarchs in the southwest US. 
> I know a lot of people
> don't like this phrase, but Monarchs are a "weedy"
> species.
> Let's say for the sake of argument that we humans
> end up altering the
> environment enough that Monarchs can no longer
> overwinter in the current
> location in Mexico.  But at the same time humans
> have created many
> conducive environs in California for _new_
> overwintering sites and breeding
> areas.   Could it be that 1,000 years from now we as
> a species learned to
> not be so hard on ourselves because we came to see
> that we too are a very
> necessary part of the balances of nature?  Like
> letting the fires of
> Yellowstone burn, we have to be allowed to do what
> we do - "good" and
> "bad"?.
> Which brings up something else I wonder about.  It
> really seems to me that
> the attention of many is _not_ to keep Monarchs from
> going extinct but the
> maintenance of the  _phenomenon_ of Mexican
> overwintering.   Monarchs are
> in no danger whatsoever of going "extinct" as a
> species.  Yet, in the PR
> war to protect the phenomenon, we are given the
> impression that without it
> they_may_ go extinct.
> Well, I guess I have opened the can of worms this
> time :-).  But it's
> getting that time of year again soon when this topic
> will come up again.
> For those who have never experienced it before, the
> debate and factors are
> always the same year after year.  Oversimplified,
> the news is always on the
> edge of crisis (doom and gloom) from one camp and
> nothing to be concerned
> about from the other (the perpetual silver lining). 
>  My suggestion is to
> just sit back and relax and watch the debate
> (sparks) - as it is very
> educational (though at times personal and quite
> testy).
> Ron Gatrelle

Ron simple it certainly is not. Paul, it is too early
for this. Leps are flying. No I am just kidding. this
is a valid point. and i am not against all clear
cutting. i also agree that while, the iisies in Mexico
are important. the monarch is not in danger of any
immediate extinction. But the science is good, the
spin might be overstated. (Not yours, Brower et al).

Now after a midnight raid from Ron... Let the games



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