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Niklas Wahlberg leps at wahlberg.to
Wed Aug 7 05:18:20 EDT 2002

Hi all,
For those interested in species lists, I have finally parsed together a
"complete" species list for the butterfly family Nymphalidae. You can
find the list at
The first page is a list of subfamilies, tribes, subtribes and genera of
Nymphalidae. The subfamily classification is my own, based on my and
others molecular results (mainly unpublished stuff). The other levels
have mainly been taken from Markku Savela's pages (linked to from my
pages). From each tribe (or subfamily if there are no tribes) there is a
link to a species list for that taxa. The species lists are for the most
part parsed from Markku Savela's massive pages and the greater part of
the credit for the list goes to him (THANK YOU MARKKU!). My pages make
the information a bit more accessible, but Markku's pages still has a
lot more info than mine.
In total I have parsed about 15500 records, of which 544 are marked as
valid genus names, 537 as genus synonyms, 5222 as valid species names,
6413 as valid subspecies names, 2690 as species synonyms of various
kinds. The list is by no means complete or up to date!! It requires a
lot of work still, so much that one person can't do it in a lifetime. It
represents a start and the current state of my species level database
for Nymphalidae. If anybody would like to help, please send me an
e-mail! If somebody is revising a species group/genus/subtribe/tribe
etc, I would be very grateful for your advice on that group. 
I will be updating the list periodically. It's not a searchable
database, but you can use your browser's search function (Search in this
page... or Find in this page...) to look for a particular genus name or
species name. I hope that eventually this will be the most comprehensive
list of names for Nymphalidae. Enjoy!


(note: I use this e-mail address for discussion groups)
Niklas Wahlberg
Department of Zoology
Stockholm University
S-106 91 Stockholm


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