Big Oil, Chemical & Farm Machinery companies provide superb Monarch Butterfly Breeding Habitat

Paul Cherubini monarch at
Mon Aug 12 05:45:28 EDT 2002

Robert Dana wrote:

> But wait . . . these Iowa State entomologists--have they published
> anything on this? What methodology did they use to determine the
> relative production of crop fields vs., say, road margins, pastures,
> etc? Before I become too enthusiasitic about industrial agriculture, I
> guess I should check these details out.

Dr. John Pleasants at Iowa State in Ames, IA could tell you
where his work has been published. At the May 2001 Monarch
Research Symposium in Lawrence, KS, Dr. Pleasants said
he estimates a staggering 94% of all the monarchs that breed in 
Minnesota develope on milkweed plants growing inside 
of corn and soybean fields.

Monarch caterpillar survival is much higher inside
of corn fields compared to road margins, pastures, and natural
areas according to Dr. Pleasants and his colleagues.

Also, female monarchs have an oviposition preference for
milkweed growing inside the corn crop canopy. 

Paul Cherubini


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