Raising Swallowtails

Xi Wang xiwang at sprint.ca
Mon Aug 12 20:57:00 EDT 2002

Hi Sally,

The number of generations per year for a given species depends a lot on the
latitude.  It would be nice to know roughly where you are.

Xi Wang

Sunsol wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> I have been raising a Western Tiger Swallowtail the past few weeks. It is so
> different from an anise swallowtail. It grows much more slowly. It seems to
> spend most of its time sitting around. It even created a special leaf with a
> bed of silk for sitting. Occassionally I caught it on another leaf eating.
> Then it would go back to its silk bed to sit. Then, it ate half the leaf
> with silk, I guess including the silk. I thought it was sick for a long
> time, because it was doing nothing. But it is still pooping, so I think it
> is alright. I hope I am able to raise it to the adult stage. Will it emerge
> this fall?
> Sally


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