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James Kruse fnjjk1 at uaf.edu
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A buddy of mine has some butterfly art. These pictures use wings only,
rarely whole butterflies, set in various designs. If anyone knows values for
this kind of stuff (there was a shop in CA that sold this kind of thing for
$150-1500, largely size correlated if I remember correctly) write to me. If
you'd like to see a couple pictures, let me know. Not my style, so maybe one
of you has some experience with this.



I was wondering if you could help me with something.  I have been trying to
find an appraiser for some pictures I came across.  My parents used to have
an import business about 15 years ago.  I found some left over items in
storage under a sink cabinet.  These pictures are made completely of
butterfly wings.  The blue one is completely made of morphos.  The others
are variable.  My dad got them in Brazil and in some cases even visited the
home of the artists who made them.  He said that they used to raise all the
butterflies in their back yards under screen tents.  some of the ones I have
are absolutely phenomenal.

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