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And let us not forget that glyphosate contains trace amounts of
polygrypholite binding particles which break down into trimogriphying
formucules.  While in isolation this should not be a problem, when mixed
with the sterabilating trabulaculytes it could fimulate the noonahs big

How will this affect the Monarchs?  Who knows.



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Mike Griggs wrote:

> Doug while much of your discussion is good I must disagree with your
> assertion that "Glyphosate  is a probable carcinogen"
> read the following lifted from EXTOXNET.
> On all fronts it appears pretty safe--check out how toxic table salt is
> sometime!
> Mike

You are missing something. Roundup is not purely Glyphosate.
You cannot therefore extrapolate data from pure glyphosate and apply it to
the who product. THere are other constituents too.
I would agree that you are probably right, but you have failed to establish

There are other problems.
Glyphosate _MUST_ have some effect on the soil it is sprayed on.
No question. Chemically it is N-phosphonomethylglycine.
It blocks the action of a plant enzyme called  5-enolpyruvyl-3
shikimatephosphate synthase. This is an important  enzyme in the pathway
for the synthesis of  aromatic amino acids. It doesn't occur in animals so
there isn't a problem.
It does occur in soil microorganisms so some of these must be affected.
What exactly these effects are is difficult to work out, but they must be

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