alien or not?

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alien or not?Holland's book (1903) shows two different species of Atteva.  But on the Natureserve web site, the genus is listed as monotypic with that species name (punctella).  I found no mention of point of origin, but it reasonable to presume it followed its host plant into North America.  Nice picture!  What was the camera used to take it?

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  A friend found this Ailanthus Webworm moth (Fred SaintOurs is pretty sure it's Atteva punctella-- do you agree?). It was on an Ailanthus altissima sapling on Nantucket (off the coast of Massachusetts).

  She can find no confirmation as to whether this moth is alien or native. Do any of you know? Ailanthus altissima is Asian in origin, and such information as she has found so far makes no mention of any other (native) hostplant. 


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