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Bill Oehlke oehlkew at islandtelecom.com
Thu Aug 29 10:20:38 EDT 2002

Hi to all,
I am looking for electronic images of Catocala species from North America. I am in the process of creating a site for the underwing moths similar in scope to my North American Saturniidae site.
Although I prefer images of live caterpillars or live moth/pupae/eggs, etc., I am also pleased to display spread specimens. This is necessary for correct identification.
Now is peak time for many Catocala species in the Northeast. I am currently taking relicta, concumbens, unijuga (two weks ago), coelebs, crataegi or blandula (maybe both) and a few others at lights here in Montague, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
A little over a week ago I took several species in New Jersey and am in the process of spreading and scanning them.
The site will be a free site and I am looking for as much help (with credit) as possible in developing it.
I have access to several good references and can help with adult id if needed.

I will collect specimens for trades if you are interested.
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