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> Ron,
> The USGS maps
> show no records for South Carolina for either agarithe or philea.  When
have they bred in the state?
> Curious,
> Rob Hilton
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> Bethesda, Md.

The lack of dots on SC are now becoming an almost infamous situation among
the USGS's otherwise very good site.  Historically, there has only be three
or four major butterfly collectors in SC.  The only modern one is myself
(34years since I moved here).  Dick Dominick was a moth specialist and
rarely sampled anything off his plantation. (I got him out some so he could
get some hairstreaks etc.).  There are only two modern papers on
butterflies & skippers of SC. Both are mine.  These were published long
ago.  Just about all the original dots Opler had for SC were my data.

Moving ahead to "current" times.  Thanks to the great increase in butterfly
watchers North and South Carolina watchers have added hundreds of new
county and many new state records for these two states.  The place to find
these is the Carolina Butterfly Society

A particularly good link from there is the "Checklist for North Carolina
Butterflies!" Maintained by Harry LeGrand of the NC DNR.

I searched the archives a bit but was unable to find the specific account
from last year where philea took up breeding here in the SC coastal area.
Sumter area.

So anyone wanting to know about what occurs in SC need not consult the
USGS - go to Carolina Butterfly Society.

Ron Gatrelle


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