Sulphur question/Bronze Coppers

Randy Emmitt birdcr at
Fri Aug 30 17:10:59 EDT 2002


Today I visited a small nature preserve in Chilo, Ohio (Cermont County). 
Right away I found 3-4 male Bronze Copper Lycaena hyllus, I was just lucky 
to find these I guess and they posed very nicely for photos. Bad news is 
the site where I found them is slated to be bull dosed on Tuesday to expand 
the pond there. I might return there on Sunday.

Anyway I saw loads of Orange Sulphur, Colias eurytheme and a couple of 
Clouded Sulphur, Colias philodice. Two of the sulphurs I saw struck me as 
different. They both were slightly small for C. philodice and pale yellow. 
The forewing looked like C. eurytheme yet the hind wing looked to have no 
dark margins at all. What it looked like was a huge Barred Yellow, Eurema 
daira with holes in the forewing margins. My take is it was likely a C. 
eurytheme as one is close to mine  in Tomas J. Allen's book, yet I've never 
seen this before. And of course I couldn't get close enough for photos. Any 
takers on the ID of these sulphurs?

Randy Emmitt
in Cincy, Ohio


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