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OK -  I gave in to my sarcastic side and decided to post this after sitting
on it for a few days.. I am ready for it to be misunderstood - but such is
life.  Ron

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> Paul Ehrlich's name has come up a couple of times recently on
> Leps-L. I thought the list might be interested in three quotes from the
> Presidential Address he gave last year to the Association for Tropical
> Lepidoptera.
> Here are the three quotes I found interesting:
> "Too much effort has been expended on the useless taxonomic des-
> cription of subspecies......,  In the United States, subspecies are
important tools for  preserving biodiversity, because of the structure of
the nation's laws
> protecting endeangered organisms, but nobody should be deluded into
> ing the naming of subspecies is of scientific significance."
........There is little scientific reason to do further
> work on them."
...........That would be fine if it did not compete
> with the funding of the much more important work on model systems."

Finally an admission from the environmental left that the whole endangered
species thing is a scam, a sham, a ploy.  Since all the butterfly
"endangereds" are subspecies this admission tells us that since they have
no "scientific significance" they are but artificial constructs of the
environmental left fallaciously put upon the American people as
"scientific" so they can be used as a "tool"  (manipulation) to further
their environmental whacko agenda to construct laws against people and jobs
in favor of flies and roaches.  Then there is the subliminal slip that the
whole movement is really only based on "funding" (money) in the  pockets of
the environmental elite.

Now someone tell me why what I just said should not be expected to be aired
on Rush or put forth in the case of Big Industry vs. Endangered Bug after
they read Ehrlich's statements?   What do I think of Ehrlich's statements?
He doesn't know what he is talking about - just like his
semipseudopredictions that  civilization should have entered chaos 15-20
years ago..

Ron Gatrelle


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