Goats and sheep

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Fri Jan 4 10:15:27 EST 2002

"Chris J. Durden" wrote:
> This does not sound like faking. It sounds like testing and lab evaluation,
> which is sorely needed when the foxes guard the henhouse.
> The response sounds like news-mongering and political scapegoating which
> makes me sick!
> ...................Chris Durden

Dr. Durden
If you go to the Washington Times web site you will see that they were 
in fact investigated, caught red handed and reprimanded, it would seem 
that the Government did not feel that it was a case of faking but of 
actual wrong doing.

As reported in the second story that was posted by Jim Kruse, Forestry 
officials, conservationists and retired federal officials said they were 
outraged that the data were tampered with and said they are skeptical it 
was an attempt to test the lab. 

Or as Rob Gordon, executive director of the National Wilderness
stated "That would be like bank robbers taking money from a bank and
they were just testing the security of a bank, they weren't really
the money". 

So this leaves us with a dilemma over the species you mentioned. Was it 
scapegoating or a matter of the USFW trying to pull the sheep's wool 
over everyone's eyes which would be in line with the Forestry officials

R. Mikula


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