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> Which is the bigger world problem: overpopulation or Paul Ehrlich's
> to overstate things?
> Patrick Foley
> patfoley at csus.edu

Hi Pat -- This thread is in one respect a tempest in a tea pot - winter
reading.  So not seeing this as "that" big a deal, it is still a "deal" at
some level of - as you said, "problem".   In your above statement,
overpopulation wins hands down as the bigger problem.   However, that does
not excuse the other.   If someone yells FIRE in a theater in the US (when
there is none) it is not a problem or practical joke, it is a crime.
Ehrlich has a long history of yelling fire in the theatre, in my opinion.
After awhile this get old.  What ever good he has done, does not undo the
fact that he is at times over the edge - way over.   And this whole thread
here started with his ridiculous statements on subspecies as non science
(nonsense) other than as a "tool" to activate environmental laws.   Now it
is very interesting to me (us?) that at the same time this thread came
along we have the other thread of fraud (crime), shall we say "as a tool",
to activate environmental law (call out the fire department).

It is one thing for any of us to just be wrong about something.  It is
quite another to willfully use wrong of any kind (i.e. the end justifies
the means) to manipulate others, government, the environment etc. in a
direction we personally want to see things go.  There are a minority of
radicals in the environmental movement, eco-terrorists (by propaganda lies
or unlawful deeds), that give it a black eye and bad name. And that is a
problem for all of us nature lovers -- no matter who does it.

Ron Gatrelle
TILS president
Charleston, SC - USA


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