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> Listers,
>    I've been a member of this list for just over a year now and I have a
> few comments that I'd like to pass along.
> 1.) In general, the membership is polite and extremely helpful with both
> information and specimen requests.
> 2.) A small minority periodically get their hackles up over personal
> comments or opinions.  One solution is to ignore the more controversial
> posts. Another would be to take the view that contentious discussion is
> more interesting than everlasting harmony.
> 3.) My computer has a trash button and I use it!  I'm no advocate of
> personal attacks or racial slurs, so I don't read them.
> 4.) I am an advocate of the freedom of speech and that means that I have
> to agree to respect everyone else's right to spout far,
> this personal policy has done me no great harm.
> 5.) Ron Gatrelle is not a humorless old troll out to pick a fight.  He's
> an extremely knowledgeable taxonomist with an unorthodox sense of humor.
> In my, admittedly limited, interactions with Mr. Gatrelle, he has always
> been the first to apologize or clarify a misunderstanding.
> So, while I respect the feelings of all those on the list and appreciate
> the frustration that we all sometimes feel, I suggest that we agree to
> refrain from becoming what we so despise and avoid denouncing each other
> the public listserv.
> Just my opinion.
> -Sean
> Sean P. Mullen
> Ph.D. Candidate
> Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
> E145 Corson Hall, Cornell University
> Ithaca, NY 14853
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