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Sat Jan 5 15:44:10 EST 2002

Kondla, Norbert wrote:
> Yeah, me too. I was "grossed out" by Neil's personal attack but this is not
> the first time this has happened on this list.

Neil has personally attacked me this week too in the same general manner
as yourself, Ron Gatrelle, Mark Walker, etc:
Subject: Mr Cherubini's affiliations 
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2002 00:06:05 GMT 
From: Neil Jones <entstore at NWJONES.DEMON.CO.UK>
Reply-To: Neil at

We have been hearing a lot from Mr Paul Cherubini.
I know that some people will know about his affiliations but others will not.
It is of course important that ad-hominem attacks are not made. This is not
my intention. However, it is important for people to know when some one is
dissembling about their affiliations. It is also important for people to be
aware of the eccentric world view of someone making these outrageous claims.

My Cherubini's main role in life seems to be to act as a political activist
for the "wise use" movement. This political movement is deliberately named to
confuse and is actual aim is vehemently anti-conservation. It is perhaps best
described in the words of one of its gurus Ron Arnold.

"Our goal is to destroy, to eradicate the environmental movement. We want
people to be able to exploit the environment for private gain, absolutely."

Mr Cherubini seems to oppose _all_ conservation effort _on_principle_. He has
become well known on other lists for spreading conspiracy theories which in
the main seem to consist of attacks on "evil" Ph.D scientists. 

He has spread falsehoods and smears about people engaged in conservation. For
example, when a keen conservationist appealed for people to help save the
Palos Verdes Blue (which is arguably the world's rarest butterfly) from a
construction development on its last remaining site, he immediately attacked
her as doing it for money. (No money was asked for people were just asked to
write letters and the person concerned is in fact a professional choreographer
who couldn't benefit financially from it.)

Similarly he has attacked efforts to conserve the endangered Quino Checkerspot
with false information.

He says that people don't like him because he kills insects. Well actually the
truth is people don't like him because he tries to help make them _extinct_.!
No one will be able to study them then.

Many people will remember his attempt to misuse satellite photographs to claim
there was no deforestation on the Mexican hibernation roosts of the monarch
butterfly. Essentially his claim , if taken as honest, would boil down to the
claim that low resolution photographs showed _more_ detail than high
resolution ones.

This distortion of data is a frequent feature of Mr Cherubini's postings.
Time and time again you find that people have dicovered he is misquoting
or selectively quoting to misrepresent.

If people want to know more about this issue it would be interesting to read
the new book "Four Wings and a Prayer" by Sue Halpern.

The following extracts about Mr. Cherubini are interesting.

Here Mr. Cherubini is talking about how he came to form his beliefs.

"... I got depressed, seriously depressed. And my parents were having
marital problems and the psychiatrist wanted to interview me to get a sense
about what their problems were but then he realized I had problems too, and he
 said "You're depressed, why do you think you have no future?" and I said
"because these scientists have Ph.Ds," and he said ,
"That's not right, you're paranoid,"

 It goes on but experienced Cherubini watchers will recognise the theme.

Another extract is this.

"We went to Jack-in-the-Box for lunch. Paul explained how low-fat foods were
unhealthy but no one could say that out loud in public because to do so would
be to take on a huge part of the economy....... He looked normal but his
ideas seemed a little off kilter, tending toward the second gunman/trilateral
commission/ Vince Foster conspiracy side of things."

Read the book to get the full story it is most interesting.

Neil Jones- Neil at
"At some point I had to stand up and be counted. Who speaks for the
butterflies?" Andrew Lees - The quotation on his memorial at Crymlyn Bog
National Nature Reserve


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