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Mon Jan 7 15:24:17 EST 2002


         To those who already saw the earlier message, sorry for repeating 
myself.  I noticed, however, that I left off a subject in my previous 
message, and I know how I am about deleting messages with no subject, so I 
thought I send this one more time.  Besides, I've got a little extra 
information to pass on.

         The Southern Lep. Soc. now has a website, reachable at   Besides visitors being able to post unknowns onto 
the site, as well as submit stories, etc., the website also includes the 
reports from some of the states in our coverage area on the most recent and 
interesting sightings/collections.  Come see what's happening 
lep-wise!  These state coordinator reports will remain for a while but be 
cycled off the website as new quarterly reports come in.


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