The Florida Keys

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Wed Jan 9 11:28:03 EST 2002

Hey all,
A few more comments:

Leroy wrote:
>..., and the beautiful moth, Composia fidelisimma. The later feeds 
>on Devils Claw, a vine that will grow in the pine trees, and is 
>brillant red.

Leroy means the larva is brilliant red (w/ dark metallic blue at the 
base of the spines), not the vine :-)

Todd asked:
>Are the spots mentioned in these posts all legal for collecting (rather
>than just photographing)?

My short answer is, "swing a net down there and your fate is in your 
hands".  Better to ask various people first if it's OK.  If you're 
beyond the side of the road, chances are your on private property or 
in a park or reserve.  <:-o

Michael wrote:
>However, the Keys are the only place I have ever had someone try to break
>into my trunk by hammering out the lock.  Fortunately I heard the noise
>and chased them off (there was an expensive video camera in it). So be
>cautious. I lived in NYC for 8 yrs and never had that experience. It was
>on one of the small keys to the south (or west) of Big Pine.

Yes, unfortunately thieves have radar out for tourists and know they 
are targets.  Always take extra steps to avoid being the next 
victim. >:-l


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