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I use it in my 200+ drawers in the garage (in Bakersfield, low humidity) successfully by cutting it into 1" by 1" squares, wrapping it in aluminum foil and using push pins to anchor the foil to the wall of the drawer.  I then punch several small holes in the foil so the fumes can escape.  No dermestid problems if I change every two yers.  Problems if I do not...

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You gotta cut it up, unfortunately.  I use a razor knife and cut it into
squares - about a 1/4" square.  I've posted here before that after doing so,
I always feel a bit light-headed.  Could be all in my head, I suppose, but
better safe than sorry.  I use painters gloves to keep it off my hands.


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> Jim -- How do you handle the vapona?  I have tried to use it 
> a couple of
> times but only found it in the big no-pest strip size which 
> took lots of
> cutting etc and lot of fumes which I did not like breathing.  
> BioQuip used
> to sell it in paper pouches but I think they quit long ago 
> and I also found
> them too big.  More info needed.
> Ron


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