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I play a lotta golf, and my "blitz" of 30 or so gather for lunch before we
choose up sides. Our purpose for being there is golf, and the game is the
main topic of conversation. However, if a buddy didn't throw in an off-topic
remark and start an argument every now and then, it surely would be a dull

I view LEPS-L the same way:  while Lepidoptera is the main topic, anyone can
introduce on occasion an outré subject, and we can argue about EVERYTHING.
Just as in my golf group, however, personal attacks should not be suffered

Jim Taylor
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> Ron Gatrelle wrote:
> >
> > "Jesus" but it is sure fine to talk about God as creator as to many many
> > here God is the maker of Lepidoptera not "evolution"  Creationism is
> > even if a segment of the list may think God is not and creation is
> I believe the above statement is what Valerie Passoa meant when she said
> in her first post (sent by mistake) "Also, I truly believe that
> Gattrelle's and Cherubini feel this is their list and use it
> accordingly."
> With all proper and sincere respects to Ron, Ron's statement, on the
> surface, has the appearance (which undoubtedly is not true) of a
> rationalization for using Leps-L as a forum to promote another agenda.
> Granted, there have been many off topic discussions on this list, but
> creationism is a religious _belief_ and all attempts to promote it as a
> legitimate and scientific explanation for lepidoptera related issues
> (such as speciation) is, in my opinion, actually an attempt to
> proselytize.
> I hope creationist debates will take place in other forums or lists.
> Ultimately, though, people can say what they want (within civility), and
> so the flavor, or character, of Leps-L will be established by the
> majority of those who participate.
> With this I will sign off and say no more.  It is not my intention to
> start a creationist debate (and I hope one does not start), but I felt I
> needed to express my views, in the sense of a 'vote', on the nature of
> Leps-L.
> Stan
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