Glassberg tells reporters collectors "could wipe out" the Miami Blue

Rudy Benavides rbenavid at
Thu Jan 10 13:57:02 EST 2002

Anne Kilmer wrote:

>I enjoyed watching the Atala butterfly spread, with the eager assistance
>of gardeners, collectors, nurseries and the Cooperative Extension
>Agents. That involved planting the coontie, a slow-growing cycad which
>is terribly expensive, and which the larvae may well kill.
>Seems to me that the Balloon Vine would be easier to promote.


I just caught up to your posting (way too much in the inbox these days).  
Maybe you can spread the word in your column and with the pen in general 
down there.  I bet once interested people hear about this extirpation 
in-process there will also be an effort made to restore Balloon Vine.


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