LEPS-L and me: response from Bill Oehlke

William Oehlke oehlkew at islandtelecom.com
Fri Jan 11 06:31:40 EST 2002

Mark Walker,
I occasionally read your posts but often delete them without reading simply
because your posts usually deal with butterflies and not moths (my greatest
interest). I am not at all offended by your frequent postings and I am sure
many greatly appreciate them and find info useful.
I do find some of the name calling and inflammatory remarks by others,
however, to be offensive, even damaging to the cause of the hobbyist and
"scientists".  Casual listers who might drop in to a session of "verbal
abuse", might quickly decide this is a list they do not wish to remain
affiliated with. Fortunately names and topics appear each time posts are put
out and it only takes a short time to know which ones to delete without
reading.  I usually delete, without reading, about 90% of the postings on
this list.  Perhaps sometimes I miss something useful, but I save myself
from witnessing postings that are often "ugly" and that is good as I don't
want to desensitize myself to that degree just yet.
I don't like listening to music full of profanity.  Sometimes the ignorant
exchanges posted on this list grate on my "ears" the same way.
You might get ten emails asking you "to refrain from using
 LEPS-L as a personal platform" as there seem to be a number of thoughtless,
insensitive people affiliated with the list.  I would ignore them. Post
I was going to send this posting to you personally but felt that it might
help some of the others to consider their message content and the purpose of
the list.
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> I have been pointedly asked by an unnamed person to refrain from using
> LEPS-L as a personal platform (no, it wasn't Valerie).  I do not deny that
> I've enjoyed the opportunity to do so for over six years.  If that is the
> general consensus, then I will indeed cease from doing so.  Please - if
> agree with this sentiment, email me personally and when I get ten emails
> confirming it - I'll comply.
> Shalom,
> Mark Walker
> Oceanside, CA
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