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Fri Jan 11 12:42:07 EST 2002

--- Nick Greatorex-Davies <ngd at ceh.ac.uk> wrote:
> Mark - 10 emails from the 100s subscribed to this list is hardly a
> consensus! I will add one to the other side - Keep on posting!
> Cheers
> Nick
Since the vote appears to be public: I will reiterate in a short
version, my private made  post to Mark made yesterday.  "Keep ona

You know it is amazing. The "soapbox crowd" (I guess I sometimes
belong to it) can get embroiled, enflamed and flame and so on...but
let someone suggest taking away our right to do so. We then unite and
get quite vocal. We even bring in defenders who usually do more
listrening than talking like Kenn. 

There are many other Lep Lists that would tolerate none of this.NO
birding lists would. But at least concerning the Lepss lists,
newcomers, tyros etc who are welcomed, on this list, would not even
be aknowledged on these very academic lists. You might be more among
your "peers" here...don't knock it...and I would suggest not being so
quick with the delete button. You might learn something about life
and people as well as ...butterflies.

Bob Parcelles, Jr.
"Butterfly Watcher, Collector and preserver."

Bob Parcelles, Jr
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"Change your thoughts and you change your world."
- Norman Vincent Peale

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