philosophy is still considered science

Martha Rosett Lutz lutzrun at
Sun Jan 13 19:11:45 EST 2002

Mark Walker wrote:

"happy that philosophy is still considered science"

Amen!  This is why the highest earned degree is called Doctor of
Philosophy--even when you earn it in a hard-core science discipline.  There
is a vital creative component to science, and an ability to think
philosophically is crucial.  Almost anyone can generate data . . . the
challenging part is interpreting that data, drawing conclusions, and
keeping perspective on the new information.

In Stride,
Martha Rosett Lutz

a.k.a. the old lady sprinter in Iowa--still record-less (running), as one
old lady for the relay (not me) was injured and could not run last Friday
night.  We plan to try again 1/26/02, or else 2/2/02.  We're being
philosophical about it . . .


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