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> The most serious case of the phenomenon described by Richard Worth that I
> have seen occurred on a very large Pierid I caught in Rishikesh, Uttar
> Pradesh, India in 2000.  I relax with only water, so Stan's suggestion
> wouldn't apply.  The bug was big and white - with black stripes and a
> bluish tint.  I thought I had spilled ink on the wings at first - the
> blue-green staining ran like water colors.  There was significant
> condensation in the relaxer, and it was little drops of water that were
> culprits.  I hadn't seen this before - at least not to this extent.  It
> almost as if the bug was painted, and I was ruining the masterpiece with
> exposure to water.
> I have no idea what chemical is responsible, but the secret is clearly
> keeping the specimen away from condensation.
> Mark Walker.

One might try water without ammonia, chloramines, or chlorine.  What comes
out of the tap is pretty chemical laden -  unusable as is for fish.  Treat
your tap water with something like AmQuel first and see what happens on a
disposable specimen.



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