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> At 03:01 PM 1/12/02 -0500, Ron wrote:
>2)  "My thought" for a long time has been that this list is way under
>I would think that 1 post a week would be low - that would put everyone at
>a 27 post minimum over 6 months.  If we get bogged down in some dead
>subject a times could it possibly be because the more interesting ones are
>just not being posted?

 Ron may think this list is underused, and he may be correct, however, it
 also clear to me that many of us do not have as much free time as
 Ron!!  (Sorry, Ron, I couldn't help myself!)

 James K. Adams

James -- Since, like you, I am not a thin skinned person, I see posts like
this as good natured.   As I said in my original 186 (which is herewith now
189 or 190) post that number comes out to _one_ a day.   That does not take
much time.  It also _helps_ to have a "job" that functions out of my home
and where I do a lot of sitting at a computer.  It also _helps_ to be a
talker.   It also _helps_ to be someone who just can't resist reading  95%
of all the emails I get.  (When I got to my computer today at 2 PM there
were 42 emails waiting - which is average.)  It also  _helps_ that I do not
collect moths -- this provides me a lot of time - especially in the winter.
It _helps_ that I only get 4 hours of sleep many nights -- though I
occasionally have to crash for 10.   It _helps_ that I don't watch any TV.
I hope this _helps_ others to discipline and reformulate their lives in
such a way so that they can interact on line more.  For, as I said in my
original post, I doubt there are too many plugged in here  who are busier
than I.   In summary.

To post more:
Don't watch TV
Do only moths or butterflies - but not both
Sleep as little as possible
Read all emails
Determine to make at least one post a day
Work three jobs.
Be a fast thinker
Be a fast typist

Ron Gatrelle


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