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For a couple of years now I've been working on/with a database in MS Access
format. It started off as a help to print out my labels, but has become
something more. It surely is not a complete list, but if anybody's
interested, you can have a look at it at
where you'll find four ZIP files:
intf, syst, coll and font.
The intf contains intf.mdb, which is the interface application. This needs
to run under MS Access 97, I don't think it will run under a higher version.
Unzip and copy the two database files syst.mdb and coll.mdb in the same
directory as the interface file (they HAVE to be in the same directory - but
it should not matter what name you give it or where you put it).
The last file is a True Type font, which needs to be copied into your
Windows Fonts directory. This contains the [male], [female], [worker] and
[intersexual] characters. It is only needed if you want to print labels.
By the way, the application is in Dutch, but most of you should be able to
play with it and see what it does.
Some buttons do not work and will give errors - they were a now obsolete
export function (dos text) because the underlying database structure has
changed since then.
I won't be able to answer questions, as I'll be gone for a couple of weeks,
but feel free to ask, I'll answer them later.


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> Pat Foley wrote:
> >Niklas Wahlberg's suggested Markku Savela's website
> >
> >and it is indeed astonishing, though not as compact as a list.
> >
> >Any other lists?
> I've been seeking any and all electronic worldwide Lep lists for over
> a year, and have yet to find one that is genuinely comprehensive and
> up-to-date. Markku's is indeed the closest thing, but for my purposes
> the interface is problematic (as noted, it is NOT compact); what I'm
> looking for is an actual straight list/table of names that can be
> viewed all at once and/or downloaded as a single file. My goal is to
> develop a relational database for entomology museum curators. I
> already have a complete hierarchy for the Insecta from family level
> up, and below that only have a certain set of taxa for which I have
> complete global generic and/or species lists (Collembola, Embioptera,
> Mecoptera, Ephemeroptera, Trichoptera, Odonata, Mantodea, Apoidea,
> Sphecoidea, Chalcidoidea, Proctotrupoidea, Ichneumonidae, etc.).
> Lepidoptera is a noticeable and surprising gap. If there are people
> here working on (or interested in working on) global - NOT REGIONAL -
> generic *or species* lists for any groups within the Lepidoptera, I'd
> like to hear from you. I'll happily convert flat files or
> spreadsheets with the appropriate data into database format, and will
> also happily convert database files into HTML tables, and make them
> available on a website, with appropriate credit. For one example of a
> database I've compiled and posted, visit my "Bee Genera of the World"
> page at to see the sort
> of file I'm talking about.
> Peace,
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