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Ron asked the perfect question for lightening up the winter doldrums.
Some of my greatest and fondest childhood collecting was accomplished in
Barton Flats in the San Bernardino mountains of Southern California, circa
1968 - at a lighted outhouse.  We camped there often, and Arctiid, Sphingid,
and Geometrid moths were favorites (sorry Leroy, at that time a Schinia was
part of my leg) - it's no wonder that a child can take such an interest in
insect collecting.  Perhaps it was Ron that said that he was first attracted
to moths as a child.  For me, it was wasps and bees - but the fascinating
moths that showed up at that outhouse light were clearly responsible for
much of my disease.  There were also many beetles.
Of course, as a child - who cared who might be busy using the facilities.
That was a non issue for a kid  - except for the gender sign.  I do recall
being rather discouraged when a particularly nice looking bug went over to
the 'other' side.  Strictly taboo to even consider violating that rule.
Today - I'm not so sure...
More recently, my son and I took a couple of moths from the lighted
honeybuckets at the lower campground in Garden Canyon, Ft. Huachuca,
Arizona.  Yep - commode collecting can be very good (it's all a matter of
Mark Walker.

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