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The Miami Blue was very common in the Keys from the late 1960's until 1991. I first collected them in 1968 on the west side of the state at Cokoloskee in Collier County. Whether it was associated with balloon vine I do not know. I did not know that balloon vine was the host until 1973. I have always found them asociated with balloon vine ever since. Over the years I found them in Broward, Dade, Lee, Monroe and Collier counties. 

Balloon vine is an exotic (So I have been told). Both Dade and Monroe Countis attempted to eradicate the vine. Balloon vine is most abundant in distrubed areas. When construction came to a halt in the Keys in the late 1980's, distrubed areas dimished along with the balloon vine and the Miami Blue.

I am in the process of writing my history with the Miami Blue to send to the USFWS. When I completed the my letter to the USFES, I will post it on Leps-L.

However, if the USFWS gives the Miami Blue endangered status, what habitat do they intend to preserve to protect it. Do we start construction to create distrubed areas. Distrubing when you think about. (My poor shot at a little humor!)


Leroy C. Koehn
georgetown, KY


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