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Woody Woods woody.woods at
Tue Jan 15 17:10:17 EST 2002

Commode fauna in Costa Rica does indeed set a high standard. I have had wood
rats swimming in the bowl (at least we had running water), lizards of a genus
I forget scrambling across the plastic skylight, cockroaches, army ants, many
moths, and sand flies (no butterflies, though, which is what I was there for).
A former occupant of the house had had a large and I guess unidentified rodent
poke its head up through a big hole in the floor (new floor since!). 

I miss the place. No need for magazines in the bathroom!

Woody Woods

Michael Gochfeld wrote:
> Some people have all the luck.  We visited an outhouse in Guanacoste,
> Costa Rica where the entire bowl was filled with Africanized bees
> attracted to the water.
> I was always admonished that outhouse seats were a favorite habitat for
> Black Widow spiders. I can't verify this personally.
> Michael Gochfeld
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