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on 1/16/02 8:44 AM, Jane Dillonaire at JDillonaire at rcn.com wrote:

> Where are the objections to the cruelties imposed on the "poor insects"

Oh, they are "out there" some more vocal than others. For the full dose,
take this pill:


Zillions of links. This web page comes with the following disclaimer:

"WARNING: It is probably impossible to understand my web page, if you own a
car. Or a mountain bike." I'm out.

Choice phrases, by this Dr. Vandeman, that can only be understood by people
without cars or bicycles:

"Suppose, for example, that one of our to-be-logged trees contains a
mutation that would allow the species to survive global warming. Then
by killing even one tree, we could destroy biodiversity (a gene or
allele that exists nowhere else in the world), and have a significant
negative effect on the species!"

And specifically related to insects (he quotes Powell and Hogue 1979 in his
arguments), and contradicting his above quote, he says:

"Promoting the collecting of living organisms, besides teaching
biology, also teaches people (nonverbally -- the most powerful way of
teaching) that the killing of other species is to be taken lightly,
and that human concerns take precedence over the lives and wishes of
those species."

Wishes indeed. Enjoy,

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