Papua New Guinea Moths

MJS323 mjs323 at
Wed Jan 16 21:31:17 EST 2002

I am seeking help from the experts on identifying many, many unknown moths that
are currently located at the Bohart Museum, University of California, Davis. 
There are literally hundreds and hundreds of moths, with series of each
"species" spread, and many more field pinned or papered in the museum
collection.  We are trying to identify the genera and species involved, and
need help from those lepidopterists knowledgable on the macro moths and larger
Pyralids from Papua New Guinea.  There are many unspread extra specimens
available in return for identification help.  If any of you can provide help,
or can suggest someone with good knowledge of the Papuan moth fauna, or papers
with revisions of New Guinea material, please contact me directly via email at:
 mjs323 at  Many thanks for any help you can provide.

Mike Smith


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