Butterfly regs

Mark Walker MWalker at gensym.com
Thu Jan 17 13:00:34 EST 2002

Patrick wrote a list of pros and cons concerning butterfly releases.  In all
fairness to Judy, Patrick could have amended his list thus:

 1) A lot of people on the list have a financial interest in 
 interstate shipping
 (good luck to them).
 2) Why can't we just do what we feel like without government 
 (Everyone wishes for this).
 3) There is no record of disaster caused by shipping.
 4) "Butterfly breeding is less destructive and less
 likely to produce they type of genetic alteration that causes animals to
 require human assistance for their survival than most domestications"
 5) "Butterfly farming for release (and, dare I say, collecting) are the
 only commercial human uses of animals I can think of which result in a
 benefit to the animal"
 6) "many children have learned about the importance of conserving the
habitat of all
 creatures with their Monarch ambassador leading the way

The vote would thus have gone 6-4.

Just a thought };>)

Mark Walker.



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