Glycerin or Glycerol?

Richard Worth rworth at
Thu Jan 17 14:51:28 EST 2002

Hi group,
I have questions regarding media for storing genitalia.  Do most 
people use glycerin or glycerol?  Does it matter?  Are they the same? 
They appear very similar.  I have seen (and in print) and heard of 
both being used.  What's the story?  I discussed this with Andy 
Warren before and he uses glycerol.  Don't worry Andy, I'm not 
ignoring or discounting your information (much appreciated), just 
trying to expand the knowledge here ;-)   I'm still new to the whole 
gennies thing.  TIA for any help.
Good day,  Rich
Richard A. Worth
Oregon Department of Agriculture
Plant Division
rworth at
(503) 986-6461


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