Forthcoming Maculinea Postdoc/PhD positions in Copenhagen

David Nash DRNash at
Mon Jan 21 08:19:57 EST 2002


The Zoological Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark will 
shortly be advertising for two research positions to work on the 
population genetics and ecology of Maculinea butterflies. The 
appointments will be made as part of the EU-funded MacMan network. 
The project will involve development and application of DNA markers 
to examine the population genetic structure of European Maculinea 
species, and examination of the ecology of Danish populations of 
Maculinea alcon. One appointment will be at the postdoctoral level, 
and the other will be at the PhD or postdoctoral level depending on 
the strengths of applicants. Successful candidates should be able to 
start by mid-May 2002 so as to fully exploit the 2002 field season.

Formal advertisements will be distributed shortly, but anyone who may 
be interested in the positions is encouraged to contact Prof. Koos 
Boomsma (JJBoomsma at or Dr. David Nash (DRNash at

Further details of the MacMan network can be found at:
Further details of research on Maculinea at Copenhagen can be found at:

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