South Florida

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at
Mon Jan 21 15:38:51 EST 2002

Many of us lament the "passing" of South Florida-----our window on the subtropics.

But, Alex, perhaps that is part of the Divine plan for humankind.

Anne mentioned my mosquito article.  It is posted on the NABA web site

I can supplement that by saying that whether or not one thinks that controlling
mosquitoes is a good idea, West Nile virus is pretty much irrelevant.
The serologic surveys done thus far in the northeast indicate that it less than 1%
of the people infected become symptomatic and less than 1% of those become
seriously ill.  The death rate for West Nile meningoencephalitis may be 5%, but
the death rate for West Nile infection is less than 1 in a thousand.

Moreover, among the mengingoencephalitis deaths in the NJ-NY-CT area in 2000,
West Nile was responsible for only 5% of the cases.
West Nile distracts public health agencies from focusing on many more serious
public health problems. \

My OP ED piece on West Nile was published on September 11, 2001-----the day when
no one was reading newspapers.

Mike Gochfeld


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