Help please - how to subscribe to Leps-L?

Nick Greatorex-Davies ngd at
Wed Jan 23 06:01:51 EST 2002

I have had a reply 'off-line' - so no need for any more thanks. Forgot that the Leps-L web-site address is at the bottom of every email!! 


>>> "Nick Greatorex-Davies" <ngd at> 23/01/02 10:40:55 >>>

Could somebody remind me how to subscribe to Leps-L.  I have a friend who wants to subscribe, but as it is now years since I subscribed I am not sure if the info. I have is up-to-date.

Is it?  :

Email address: LISTPROC at LISTS.YALE.EDU 
and then:


or has that changed?

Thanks for your help
Nick G-D

Nick Greatorex-Davies
CEH Monks Wood, Huntingdon


   For subscription and related information about LEPS-L visit: 

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