[leps-talk] Re:Glassberg

Paul Cherubini monarch at saber.net
Wed Jan 23 15:09:46 EST 2002

Hank  Brodkin wrote:
> While it is true most members of NABA come from bird watching groups
> (and I can only speak about our chapter, SEABA) most of our folks
> certainly do NOT seek to 

Other NABA chapters, such as the Eugene-Springfield Oregon one
certainly do discourage or disparage collecting:

"All field trip leaders are expected to follow the NABA-ES field trip guidelines:"

"Capturing butterflies with nets should be minimized and used only for educational
or identification purposes. Collecting is not allowed on NABA  Eugene-Springfield
trips.  As much as possible, rely on identifying butterflies with binoculars and

Paul Cherubini


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