NABA Butterfly Park

Paul Cherubini monarch at
Wed Jan 23 22:40:51 EST 2002

Mike Quinn wrote:

> NABA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. They are building
> a multi-million dollar 100 acre world class butterfly park.

And out here in California we have another IRS Code 501 (c) (3)
nonprofit public benefit corporation called The Butterfly Palace, Inc.
This organization is planning a 400 acre, $90,000,000 butterfly park

"In a nutshell, her [Shiela Boone] goal is to build a huge crystal 
palace to educate and enlighten us about the plight of the 
Western Monarch. Sheila wants to shine the national spotlight 
on this endangered butterfly that migrates to the Central [California]
Coast each year. The Butterfly Palace, she says, would house the 
finest live butterfly, tropical rain forest conservatory ever to 
be dedicated to environmental study, conservation and 
preservation of butterflies and their habitats. Toss in a few
hotels and restaurants to create a true tourist destination and 
you'll come close to imagining the project she has in the works. 
Never mind the 90 million dollar price tag. The question she asks
is, "How can we afford not to do it and risk losing
the Western Monarchs altogether?" 

Boy, Mike, it's nice to know the sole motivation of the 
individuals who secure the mega million dollar funding for these 
butterfly parks is saving endangered butterflies like the Monarch.

Paul Cherubini


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