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I'll take a job there if I'm allowed to collect on the property during lunch
hour. I know something about the process of establishing a church. We didn't
have the land donated to us; we didn't go out and solicit a half million
bucks. We did it all ourselves, including renovating the building entirely.
Actually, I have a lot of experience managing properties. 

Will there be "anti-collecting" lectures and programs there, or will
visitors be shown how to build a scientific collection, how to care for
museum specimens, etc.??? I doubt it. From the books, one would get the
impression that collecting never even existed. Will the "park" be any

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> > Well, what I am really confused about is this: The "Butterfly Park" land
> was
> > donated; they are awaiting the "raising" or "donations" of $500,000
> before
> > they "go forward". Now, is Admission going to be charged to enter the
> > facility? In other words, either everything (or a good portion) was
> > obtained, and yet a sizeable profit is going to realized when the
> facility
> > is operating (?). There's something "fishy" with that, to me, anyway. It
> > would have more credible if the land was boughten by the organization,
> the
> > financing was procured and paid for by the organization, etc. Profits
> being
> > made on someone else's back? Are we talking of this here?
> > 
> >
> "They" need $500,000 to get the $500,000 matching funds to obtain the
> property.
> NABA as such is or was running in the red. Jeff's money keeps it going. 
> They certainly don't have $500,000.  The land is a chunk of plowed over
> agricultural
> land bewteen two wildlife reserves.  This land has to be planted in
> native stuff.
> Gardens will be made.  A headquarters building has to be built.  The
> land will
> also adjoing the World Birding Center.
> Want a job?  They probably will need at least one manager and some
> groundskeepers.
> How are these folks going to get paid?
> Yes there will be admition - as there is in most federal and state
> wildlife reserves.
> Or do you think the government should do this?
> Profits?  Do you really think this is being done for profit?  I sure
> would hate
> to have you for my business manager :-)
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