50.1C's. Glassberg, ...Monarchs?

Bob Parcelles,Jr. rjparcelles at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 24 13:40:28 EST 2002

Paul, Paul,

Please give us a break. How did we go from the problems with hidden
agendas in 501.c corporations and their Centers for education,
Jeffreey Glassberg and his domination of NABA to monarchs?

I assume most on this list are conservationists, you notice I did not
say environmnetalists. We fear that Glassberg not only with his anti
net, somewhat anti-science philosophy is going to perpetuate that in
NABA and their public environmental edcucation outreach. Great points
are being made on this by previous posters. 

I have found it disturbing for years that many environmentalists have
a total no-consumptive approach to human life on this planet. The
so-called granola bar mentality is getting prominent again. No cars
(ride bicycles and walk) no industry (no jobs) etc. They are even
past cleanup and change for the better they are lost in a '60's tune
out. Well that is fine but they want the rest of us to follow. 

John Shuey made a well-defined post concerning the methodolgy for
perpetuating ecosystems (mange succession) and preserving habitat.
The more publc we turn on to the environment the harder it is to
catch them up with science. It is a catch-22. Environmewntal
education should be science education not just how to be an activist.
Thats real simple just elect the right politicians and kick their
ase's when they screw up. when they are dishonest put them below the
jail formbetraying the public trust. 

I see the problems that John sees with taxa-specific hobbyists
(amateur is a special word). Many birders, are always beefing when
taxonomists lump and split birds and lessen their lists. They do not
complain to much with splitting except for the records changing. Well
thats what they make erasers for and thats what taxonomists do. 

The fear is that, getting back to NABA, we will have a generation of
anti-science citizens who think that it is all siad and done. 

Another fear is that people will believe as fact,some not all,  of
the things you post. I know you hate Monarchs (that must be it, there
could be no hidden agenda). That fine they hate you :). I believe
that real soon about 10 million of these soon to drop into the ocean
at night monarchs are going to land on your shoulder. I did some
total biomass calculations and that weight would be unbearable even
for you...


Bob Parcelles,Jr.
Miami Blue Butterfly Preservation and Restoration Project

Bob Parcelles, Jr
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RJP Associates, C2M-BWPTi
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"Change your thoughts and you change your world."
- Norman Vincent Peale

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