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Yes, and I made my comments regarding the CBA with the full knowledge (which
I have understood, honored, and accepted from the beginning of my
relationship with them) that the CBA has a "no-collecting" rule on their
field trips. And this rule is, as Clay has explained, very proper and is
also, in my estimation, the correct one. If someone is with me who does not
wish to see butterflies being "pinched", then it is my dignified
responsibility toward the person not to subject him/her to this.

The person who collects (honorably, of course- and I am just as much against
a dishonorable collector as anyone, and perhaps even more so due to the
potential bad name and harm such people do (and have done) to people like
myself) must respect the one who has chosen not to do so. I will never force
myself or my beliefs upon someone such as Clay. But here is the essence of
the matter: I expect to receive the same in return. I do receive that from
Clay, John Himmelman, Bill Yule, and everyone else at the CBA who does not

But, and do misunderstand me, that is NOT the case everywhere. I have been
made to feel very much like an outsider elsewhere. And I have to confess
here that I do in fact resent this treatment. 


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> All -
>     Just because collecting is prohibited on an organization's field trips
> doesn't make that organization anti-collecting.   Alex G.'s recent praise
> of
> the Connecticut Butterfly Association's diverse membership and open-minded
> policies made my morning (I was the CBAs founding president).   However, I
> would be remiss if I failed to note that the CBA doesn't allow collecting
> on
> its field trips, either.
>     The reasons for this are simple - we never know who may attend any of
> our field trips, and out of respect for the landowners we visit (including
> Conn. State Parks where collecting may only be done by permit) and these
> new
> and potentially new members, we refrain from collecting.   All of our
> collector members know this, and many still attend the trips.
>     HOWEVER, most of our leaders do use nets on these trips, as a learning
> tool for the beginners.  Let's face it, a novice butterflyer usually has a
> lousy binocular and no ID skills - a few hours of "experts" identifying
> skippers with Swarovski ELs is enough to discourage lots of potential
> members.  When I lead a CBA field trip, my policy is this - the first time
> we encounter a new species for the day, it is netted and placed into a CD
> case so all the participants can study it closely, often side-by-side with
> the field guide.  It is than released, and all subsequent sightings of
> that
> species are done on the fly.   The system works quite well.
> Clay Taylor
> Moodus, CT
> ctaylor at att.net
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> > Hank  Brodkin wrote:
> >
> > > While it is true most members of NABA come from bird watching groups
> > > (and I can only speak about our chapter, SEABA) most of our folks
> > > certainly do NOT seek to
> >
> > Other NABA chapters, such as the Eugene-Springfield Oregon one
> > certainly do discourage or disparage collecting:
> >
> > "All field trip leaders are expected to follow the NABA-ES field trip
> guidelines:"
> > http://www.naba.org/chapters/nabaes/images/Field_Trip_Guidelines.PDF
> >
> > "Capturing butterflies with nets should be minimized and used only for
> educational
> > or identification purposes. Collecting is not allowed on NABA
> Eugene-Springfield
> > trips.  As much as possible, rely on identifying butterflies with
> binoculars and
> > photographs."
> >
> > Paul Cherubini
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