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And 400 acres is not a small chunk of land either.  I walked clover 
fields last summer and got a real appreciation for what an acre is. 
It seems this land could be used more wisely than for hotels and 
parking lots like Disneyland.  I sense more Bambification about to 
happen too, where people go into a safe artificial rainforest without 
the Fer-de-Lance, army ants, cayman, etc.  A glass structure that big 
will probably act like a prism and start a fire in the summer sun.

>Mike Quinn wrote:
>  >
>  > By pages 28 and 29, the cost had apparently risen to $300 million...
>  >
>  >
>  >
>And the conservationist promoting this $300 million Butterfly
>Palace says "How can we afford not to do it and risk losing
>the Western Monarchs altogether?"
>In reality, monarch overwintering sites can be created from scratch for
>the pocket change price of $250.00 worth of trees.  Just buy 50 blue
>gum eucalyptus trees for $5 each at the local wholesale tree nursery
>and plant them in a U-shaped configuration on existing, government
>owned land along the California coast.
>But I know very few monarch butterfly conservationists interested in
>any monarch conservation solution that doesn't involve spending
>millions of dollars.
>Paul Cherubini
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