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Fri Jan 25 22:39:11 EST 2002

Paul Cherubini wrote:
> Mike Quinn wrote:
> >
> > By pages 28 and 29, the cost had apparently risen to $300 million...
> >
> >
> >
> And the conservationist promoting this $300 million Butterfly
> Palace says "How can we afford not to do it and risk losing
> the Western Monarchs altogether?"
> In reality, monarch overwintering sites can be created from scratch for
> the pocket change price of $250.00 worth of trees.  Just buy 50 blue
> gum eucalyptus trees for $5 each at the local wholesale tree nursery
> and plant them in a U-shaped configuration on existing, government
> owned land along the California coast.
> But I know very few monarch butterfly conservationists interested in
> any monarch conservation solution that doesn't involve spending
> millions of dollars.
> Paul Cherubini
Are the Blue Gum Eucalyptus one of the faster growing eucalyptus? How
old would these trees need to be before the Monarchs would use them?
Would you explain the reason for planting in a U-shape? I can see how
the Monarchs would need protection by the outer trees, while
overwintering in the inner trees. But this seems to imply a tight group
of trees.                                                               
Patrick Ogletree


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