Age of Leps-L

Lawrence F. Gall lawrence.gall at
Sun Jan 27 11:32:44 EST 2002

Regarding the birthdate for LEPS-L, Hank Brodkin noted:

"So perhaps I turned the original Leps over to Larry in 1994.  
It ran a while on my server - maybe as much as year.  
So that would kick the parent of Leps-L back to 1993.
Any other paper work has long since been thrown away when we 
moved from Los Angeles to Arizona in 1997."

The following historical blurb appears in the online LEPS-L FAQ
sheet at

"The LEPS-L Discussion List was started in November 1994, and is 
currently supported via Listproc on a Unix computer located at 
Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut. LEPS-L is the successor 
to leps at, which was phased out in December 1994. 
LEPS-L ran as a VM/CMS Listserv list through April 1997, when
it was converted to Listproc. The S.B.E.L. newsgroup was launched 
in November 1994. LEPS-L and S.B.E.L. were linked into a unified
forum in January 1995, so that submissions sent to the former 
will automatically cross post to the latter, and vice versa."

I may be able to locate more correspondence/detail about the
early years, so I'll post a followup to LEPS-L later this week
if some spelunking yields paydirt.

Best, Larry


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