in the dark but worth a try

Thomas P. LeBlanc leblanct at
Sun Jan 27 17:59:59 EST 2002

This is in the dark and worth a try.  Still quite new to butterflies and
have not done any studies on moths.  But, this winter quite a few times in
the snow I have observed this one (moth) caterpillar well, I think it is a
moth species.  It has been walking on top of snow (I live in Western New
York, snow belt capital) in the sunny weather and quite a few times I have
observed it during a blizzard of 1-2 inches an hour.  They are tannish brown
with a small dark band down the side.   Seems to be the only species that I
have observd doing this activity and hoping someone could clue me in on what
I am seeing.  Then, I can start in the right direction learning more about
this little thing.    Thank you.

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