"Watchers are fascists" ???

Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at tils-ttr.org
Sun Jan 27 22:27:49 EST 2002

For those who just now stumbled onto this _new_ thread.  You should be
informed that it does not exist.   There has not been, nor is there now
anyone saying that butterfly (or weight) watchers are fascists.     The
only people who are fascists are --   the Fascists.   When people of
fascist philosophy and methodology are engaged in a movement or agenda
those individuals are fascist  ______s.  They bring their fascistic
approach into that which they are engaged in.  An approach of prejudice,
defamation, political dictatorship.  There are fascistically inclined
people in many areas of life - which is all that has been said.  Oh, and
fascists are glad to be such and consider themselves the good guys -
purifies and purgers.

Ron Gatrelle


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